Your next reed
is not a reed.

A reed with serious chops.

The reed’s tapered tip is contoured to work in perfect harmony with your instrument.

Innovation in every layer.

Reed Pros are precision machined using our custom additive manufacturing process. Molten material is pressed through a mobile nozzle and deposited with sub-millimeter accuracy in layers as thin as a human hair. Once each single layer is finished, we effortlessly apply the next layer automatically.

The most consistent reeds ever made.

Because each reed is manufactured from scratch in a controlled environment, you can be sure every reed in your pack is a winner. Consistent reeds mean you can get the perfect sound every time.

Our best reed. Ever.

From beebop to blues, our patent pending ComposiReed™ technology keeps your charts swingin’, and your reeds buzzing. This breakthrough material technology elevates your sound, so you can focus on the music.

Transform your professional workflow

Professionals require a lot from thier reeds. That’s why Reed Pro is designed for professionals, by professionals, to make sure every reed resonates with you.

Express yourself.

Hand-selected color options to match your personal style and accentuate your groove.